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Connie - a savannah living the van life !

Videos and pictures of Connie an F6 savannah kitten cat who joined me at 9 weeks old, to be trained to live the van life, walking and meeting my followers / tribe during teachings and workshops. Connie will be filling a gap after the loss of my beloved 8 year old Sticky a homebred marble tabby who I always wanted to get out and be free running with his feral housemates - he finally achieved this a week before his loss. Now Connie continues this journey and offers me a feline able to walk on lead, travel up mountains and carry on where Sticky left off. Connie is also the first of a future pedigree wildcat breeding programme that I have  always wanted to pursue, but she is first and foremost a companion and best friend to share the life on the road with - and to enjoy the wilderness together that calls so strongly to me !

Connie Cam !

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Connie at 9 1/2 weeks - small and shy 

Exploring the top part of the cattery in the van which was to become her sleeping area and playroom - lots of holes to fill in and to be made safe. This area was the travelling section for the feral cats when journeying but Connie soon took it over - and the whole cattery, making her the sole full time van lifer cat going forward.  This was a time of bonding and  adapting to me and her new home on the road.

Connie at 10 weeks - first adventure 

Connie at Barbon, testing the harness, pram and recognising where the cattery was whilst exploring her first steps out in the wilderness - Barbon beck in the bottom of the valley is one of my favourite places to chill and this week was about visiting every place that Sticky had been in the couple of weeks prior so that we coudl share his energies and memories together whilst I grieved. It was a difficult emotional week - but also as you watch the videos you will see how much joy Connie brings as we share our journey together.