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Hopes and Dreams for the Wildkattery  

Owner / Trainer of Savannah and 

'Wilderness Loving' Cats for Alternative Living 

Our cats are harness trained and encouraged to spend time van lifing/on the road and walking in the wilderness. Encouraging  their natural instincts to thrive and their intelligence put to use, whilst socialising amongst the public and being trained to respect dogs and other animals, but also defend their property and themselves. 

They are a Feisty, fun and friendly mix in balance! 

Please do your research if you wish to own one of our cats. Savannahs themselves are a specialist breed needing dedication and time. We do not refund for change of mind!

I am a Tica member with the prefix Wildkattery

used for my registered savannah cats only.

My cats are offered an opportunity to experience the wilderness by travelling with me and eventually I hope to have my own woodland to let them run free within. Until then, they will experience this on harness and lead during our travels. Wildkattery intends to upgrade to a lorry for the cats home now the family is growing, allowing to be comfortable whilst mobile venturing around festivals and events, educating about the breed, offering theraputic touch and interaction from suitable cats, encouraging natural traits of the cats to remain when they enjoy their free time outside.  

Any breeding will be if the cats choose to do so, and if temperment suits - otherwise they will be neutered so they can enjoy the freedom of the van life, as a priority for their happiness. Any kittens have a forever home with me until a home is found. 

Breeding my lines will enable me to have a family of 'wildcats' to share my life with. When funds permit my pedigree stud will develop with better quality higher serval bloodlines to improve the breed.

All my savannahs are innoculated, in the public eye and are much loved companions.

I am a cat owner first - They are my world 

 I owe them my life - They are my family

They are my therapy and give me purpose

I love cats so much - I named myself after them 

I am grateful to share my life with such beautiful creatures

Please subscribe to my you tube channel to watch our world 

Wildkatt on the Road 

Thankyou for your interest in my special feline family 

and how I live my van life - with cats !

xx Wildkatt xx