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The Wildkattery & Van Life with Cats 

Please Check out my you tube channel 

- Wildkatt on the road ~

to watch our adventures and training of the cats from kitten to travelling van cats 

My feline family - current residents 

Mischief - Savannah female 

Born 2 Feb 2021

Connie - Savannah female

Born 30 May 2020

Bentley - black neutered male moggie 

Born approx 2014

Over Rainbow Bridge

Lost but not forgotten our cats watching over us in Spirit x

Sticky (RIP) April 2012 - July 2020

Sticky was a home bred beloved cuddle puss companion and side kick, just like a loyal dog he always wanted to be with me. My initial travels took me away from him and the ferals, so I could never stay away more than a few days as I pined him so much .. I knew he had to come with me and plans to train him to do so came to fruition during lockdown. 

He was a true soulmate cat and we had a deep connection spiritually. As years went on he started to suffer more with allergies and I wanted to get him to experience that freedom beofore it was too late. I was fortunate to have a week with him in the wilderness and have photos and videos of our dream life, as we spent time together on the road and in the wilderness. He hated travelling in the van, they all did .. but our last week together was everything I wished for. Sadly he disappared believed taken by raptors overnight in North Yorkshire. His final resting place and memorial is in the centre of the 3 peaks up the road from Ribblehead viaduct, where a memorial stone allows me to pay my respects to my feline soulmate - dearly loved and missed terribly x 

He was the original Wildkatt companion and his loss knocked me for six senging me into a deep depression, Spirit found Connie to continue in his footsteps and to give me purpose to get back on my path and to follow my desire of taking me to the next level and having a cat with a harness to walk in the hills - instead of free running cats not allowing me to leave the van.

I always said the next cat would walk with me and the van would be their home

 - when one door shut - that door opened .. and in walked Connie 

and a whole new story to be told!

Rainbow (RIP)  2014 - 2021 

Gifted to my allotment - sister to Bentley a lack neutered female feral girl, the siblings moved to my bungalow when Rainbow was pregnant.. they never left but for 4 years remained unhandled and free to come and go through an open window. Lockdown in March 2020 I started training them and Sticky to accept the camper van - hoping to take them away on my travels. We managed one week away with Sticky - a fabulous but emotional week as I returned with 2 not 3 cats. Rainbow was Stickys girlfriend and pined for him, she adopted Connie and took on a maternal role - but Connie still tried to be top cat ! 

Rainbow got closer to me since losing Sticky and she became part of the cat family living in the van. She went off for hours at a time loving the freedom, but always finding her way back - we always had to wait for her to come 'home' before we could plan our next move. She was a real queen and demanded respect but had become much more apprachable and loved the affection she finally allowed 

After returning form the big trip to Scotland and Skye which she adored she was rushed to emergency vets and sadly put down due to heart issues.. up to her last moment with us she was looking out into the wilderness happy to have explored it and spent many hours out there on her own adventuring before returning to the van to sleep off her travels x